Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ressurection Sunday!!!

It has been a hectic day here today! Church first of coarse and it was fabulous! I love Easter services. No, we didn't go to the sunrise service. we always say we will but end up going to the 11 o'clock service. I have a hard time getting my muscle working too early due to the MS. I get up alright, but need coffee and a good sit down before my body cooperates well. LOL

Then we had to do a water change on the fish tanks. That is always fun! :)

I managed to get into the studio and threw together this layout. I am not happy with it at all. I rushed it and had too many interruptions then just wanted to finish it to have it done!! GEEEZ!

Not sure how I figured I would be able to get a whole layout done on a sunday. What was I thinking. :)

But anyway, it is done and I promised myself to post good and it is here. I haven't had a chance to do much to the paintings I am working on. That will wait till tuesday.

Hope your day was blessed and that you had a chance to reflect and remember What Jesus went through for us....all for love.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The beginning of painting on wood

So I have one painting started yesterday, it is still in progress. No pics of that one yet. It is a work in progress. :)

But here is the very beginnings of one on wood. I added gesso and was waiting for it to dry and was watching donna downy on ustream. I got to dabbing at the gesso and went ahead and started to sketch out the rough outline of the face. I like the way it etches into the gesso.

I am letting it sit now. Time to skype with my daughter, :) Just had Bible study for Good Friday!!

Anyway....I will lay a coat over the face and start to collage and then finish the face. Hope to have finished painting up by sunday.

I think I will post progress pics...:) Why not right?


It is in progress

So I am still working on this page. I ended up going a different way then I intended. I added lace doily on corners. I also made an envelope and am using that for the title foundation. I am not done doing the coloring on the title. It is not glued down yet. I am thinking sparkle...but maybe not.

Anyway...little update.

If your going to start some time....why not now?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It is coming!!

I know my poor blog!

I had when for a couple of years and then when I got super sick last summer, well it died. It was painless I was told...:)

No really, I just wanted a fresh start so i removed the old and started this one.

I have many projects that I need to get pics up of. It is coming. It has been such a busy week, no busy 3 weeks.

My goal this weekend, get the pictures up of my current works finished and in progress and also some of my past work. Aside from the very first LO I ever did years ago...:)

It has been a time of growing and coming back to center these last few months.

I have really liked it.

Anyway.....hope your creating!

You got to start some time....why not now?

Unfinished layout...working today

So I spent the day in my crafting studio. I started the day painting. A painting without any pencil drawing first!! It was fun to see the face come through. No pics of that ....yet, :)

But I also started a layout, that I will show pic of. I still need to place the title and it will be framed. Not sure with what or how yet. But I am also doing a pull out envelope to keep the journaling private. The pic is of my daughter.