Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am so EXCITED!!!

I am so happy!!! I got a GYPSY!

I had been on the fence for so long about this. I just wasn't sure if I wanted it and I wasn't sure if it would be worth the money. I just kept thinking of all the cartridges I could buy for the cost of this "GYPSY".

AHHHHHHH......but I started thinking about it and saw a few youtube videos and starting getting curious.

So, I went looking for all kinds of information on it. Of coarse that included hours of youtube videos. So super amazing ladies out there by the way!!

Then a couple of weeks ago I was telling my scrubbie about it and all it does and he was so sweet!! He said why don't you get it?! I told him the price and I was always worried that I may not use it and it would be an expensive paper weight, LOL

But he was very sure I would love it. So I caved and got it!!

You know what? I am in love!! I haven't had much time to play but so far the little I have done, I think it is a fabulous addition to a cricut.

To be continued.....

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