Saturday, August 7, 2010

You have to Love a man that dances

You have to love a man that is not afraid to dance to his ipod! LOL

This was taken last feb. on the back patio. He had just put a couple songs, oldies, on his ipod and was dancing around with Ky. Loves to do this. I shot at least 30 pictures of this moment. You know I have plans for this!!!

I have been going through lots of old pictures of my daughter Shanon this week. I hade some very rough days. Pain muscle troubles ect. So as I would have to sit for a while I would sort through this huge box of old baby pictures of her. It also has her unfinished baby album in this box and lots of misc. scraps of paper. Tokens from special days and places we went when she was a baby or child.

Her is a favorite of her and her Daddy. Quality is not too good. I took a picture of this picture to email to her and thought I would post it here. I am starting one of many of her baby scrape albums.....

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