Thursday, August 12, 2010

A French Layout

Well I have been away from scrapbooking for a number of weeks. I have been doing art journaling and working on painting and skintones and mixed media projects.

Well not away from scrapping all together. I have been doing some projects but not completing them, LOL.

So anyway, here is a Layout I put together this afternoon. Trying to get that fickle mojo going. My mind directed to scrapping. It is nothing fancy. Not too many layers or extras. Just simple. Trying to get back in the groove and I really liked keeping the picture front and center.

I love this picture of my daughter. She is just a natural beauty. It just seemed to scream frech romance to me....

By the way the title isn't tilted, LOL. It was the angle I took the picture at!!

She was 17 in this picture and it was one of those moments when we were messing around in the bathroom doing funny poses. So we thought it would be fun to snap a few pictures.....this one came from that super fun time.

The paper line is my minds eye.

Thanks for looking. It is really appreciated.

just Melly

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