Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Creating and Memories

It has been a good day. Peaceful. I have been a sorry blogger! I am sorry about that. I am determined to change this so hang in there with me......Really!!

Anyway, back to my day here in sunny central California....

My scrubbie had today off and thats always nice. Being self employed is a blessing but there are times, LOL!

We did our chores around here and then he had his play time with his hobby, which is RC cars and trucks and I had some time in my studio/art room. Perfection!!

Below is what I did with the hour or so I had today. It is a picture of our beautiful GERMAN German Shepherd Jessica and myself. She was 9 in this picture and it was taken about 4 years ago. It wasn't too long after this that we lost her to brain cancer. My husband said something so true when I showed him my completed project....he said you never know how special or important a picture will be someday. He told me keep taking pictures! He has always been very supportive of all my art work and scrapping ect. But he made such a great point. It is a foundational truth in many ways as to why we scrap or create, but pictures grab something beyond words.

So I created this on canvas.

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