Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday evening at my house

Like I was talking about in my previous post, it has been a great day. Most of our days and weekends are really I am not complaining! But there have been crazy busy times this summer, well the past year has had some big bumps!! A year ago I was in the hospital having 4 surgeries with in days of each other. Then a month later we moved! That was crazy but had to be done as it was planned and no wiggle room to delay even though I was still very weak and recovering from all the surgeries and being so sick.

So we are feeling like we are getting back to our normal routine these last few months. We had everything unpacked and all settled before last Christmas, that was just a month after the moving was complete. That was good considering we do run our own business at the same time and had no time off while moving. Plus we had 30 years of "stuff" to move! LOL

But anyway I clicked this picture to send to my daughter tonight. She wanted to know what we were doing "right now". LOL. It is just something we ask each other time to time in our on going txt messages. So I clicked this picture and sent it to her.

I just think this picture is special.To me. Right now at this moment. It just speaks to me and such an example of us. My husband alex and myself. Together, sharing, hanging out.

So the picture is not a great photo op as far as lighting and quality but it is fabulous as far as holding onto real moments and those daily memories......yes the plant needs TLC due to the afternoon sun getting it too long and hard. Yes thats my windex in the pic from wiping down the table before we sat down with our coffee. Always dusty here, LOL.....but its us...

So I hope you all take time to grab those moments of everyday. The real...the times that you and others will find priceless as time goes on.

I thank God for these moments.....

Just Melly

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