Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just A Peek Into My Art Room

I have been doing some rearranging again in my art room. This is an area I am still working on. It is the main work area. I love old vintage containers and pretty things and supplies all around me. So it is a never ending battle in myself as to how to get 2 results. Working room to spread out but keep this look that appeals to my creative flow.

It is so funny tooo because I am such a neat freak! Every room in my house has to be neat and CLEAN all of the time. My husband teases that we live in a model home where people will be coming through any time, LOL. But he is good about my need for clean and orderly. :)

But now my art room....I love THINGS all around. Not just any things. The RIGHT things. Inspiring, old, worn, different, unique, original, sentimental. Maybe your the same way, maybe not. We all have our need to have our creative areas set up certain ways. I love to look at creative spaces, craft rooms, studios, scrap rooms, whatever you call your space. Hope you share a link to pictures of your room or a youtube video of it, :)

I'll post more pictures as the week goes on. I am also getting 2 boxes ready to mail to my 2 neices. Boxes of scrapping goodness. :) So I am having a blast putting together these goody boxes. I am finding supplies I forgot I had, or never knew I had, LOL. It is also a great time to get my paper re organized.

So this is a picture of one corner.

Hope your having a fabulous creative weekend!!

Just Melly

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  1. I dont know why I have not been following you before today. Silly of me! I cant wait to start "stalking" you a little more often. I love your craft corner it looks alot like mine. My hubs says the same thing about the whole house being in order EXCEPT this one. LOL God bless Melanie and I cant wait to get to know you better. Gentle Hugs! By the way on twitter, skype, facebook and yahoo I am AKA godsgirl4you :)