Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Other page's in progress

I am on a roll with the blog posting. :)

Wanted to share some other works in progress and maybe later I will post some completed. Maybe tomorrow. Just have to see how the afternoon goes. Again first pic sideways. UGH! These are not done. I have first layers of acrylics down on each. Then I will cut them out or add a journal page around them. Not sure. But many layers of shading to go.

Some backgrounds that I have started and are not done. Yeah like post people, I have many pages and projects going at one time. Not a fan of waiting for paint to dry. LOL

 The top background page has a small face that I didn't go over. It was a doodle but I have an idea so she may stay.

Now some random unfinished journal pages.

 I sometimes do backgrounds first and other times I will start drawing and then build the page. It just depends. I'll post other backgrounds later. Really having fun with backgrounds lately.

Tomorrow I will post the progress or finished pages.

I have dinner in the oven, coffee going, some evening chores done. So I am going to do some more art.

There are so many products I want, I have a huge wish list on dickblick.com. LOL I am just anxious to keep trying new products!!

There are so many wonderful artists out there. Scrapbooking artists, journal artists, painters, writers, on and on. I think I will start listing some of my favorite Blogger sites tomorrow. :)

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