Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday. Rain. Wind. Art

I love the rain. No secret to anyone who knows me. I love peace that the rain brings. Even in spite of the wind.Had a rather rough Saturday evening due to my multiple sclerosis so I woke up not fully recovered and myself so that meant we didn't get to church. It always leaves a homesick feeling in me when I miss church.

BUT!!!! I did spend a rather short time making art. Weekends due tend to not allow me as much time for making art. Hubs is home and even after 30 plus years we still really enjoy our time together. Each others best friend. It is really nice. A blessing.

These are very fast journal pages. They are very much a reflection of where I am right now. Being in the moment. Living fully "here" whatever I am doing. It does eliminate stress just by doing this. Of coarse my foundation is my faith. But I have always struggled with insecurity and due to that I would end up stressing. At times fear of all the what if's.

I am always a happy person. But inside I would be battling my insecurities. 

So this page says what I am feeling right now!!

I used torn words from junk mail. Oil pastels. Acrylics. Did a wash with Gesso. It is a very simple page. Took maybe 20 minutes.

I know todays post is short. It's sunday, LOL

Off to eat Take out food from our favorite mexican restaurant and then movies on netflix or vudu.


Its all about the Journey...not the destination!!

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