Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hubby's Birthday

Sunday was Alex's birthday. So after church we went to IHOP to pick up lunch to take it home to eat. I snapped this picture as he was opening the door for me to get into the car. My man, so kind! Always opens the door for me.

We hardly ever eat out. It is just more comfortable for us to take food home. If we even get food out. We just are more of an "eat at home" kind of people. Health being a big reason.

But it was a sweet day. Church was great as always. Message was about not getting discouraged. Keeping hope alive.

It was suiting. It has been very hard since our daughter moved to texas to be closer to her fiance.Being our only child, and one we waited for 11 years to have, makes it more intense it seems.

I have at times struggles with insecurity. As I get older I have less trouble with it, but fear of whatever always seems to get my mind racing.

I made red velvet cupcakes and a pineapple upside down cake for alex's birthday. Being just the two of us I gave some away to some of our customers...LOL we could never eat it all.

I love to bake from scratch. When I have good enough days to that is. Having MS can make life unpredictable. My legs can go right out from in under me or just be too weak to walk well or stand. Then the shakes that creep up on me, yikes!!

But it was a good day!!!

Happy Birhtday my dear sweetheart of over 30 years!!

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