Friday, March 12, 2010

I am so Happy!!! Creativity!!

I am so imspired!! I have been collaging and doing mixed media all day!! I am just mixing the two, scrapbooking and collage/mixed media. I have been trying to seperate the two. I do not know why. I was keeping my painting, collage and drawing all seperate from scrapbooking.

It doesn't work for me. I hate boxes. I do not fit well into boxes. I love the unusual, different. I have tried to just do the simple grunge scrapbook pages, but its not enough most times. Sometimes it is, but really I was always so tempted to put other things or do other things to the page. But resisted.

Now thanks to some great ladies on youtube, I am comfortable to just be me. To just create my way. I want others to like it of coarse. Don't we all? But really I have to create first for me. Cause it is my love, my passion!

It is my memories. All my art is some how connected to me and what is happening at the time. Weather it is my art journal, or scrap pages. It is always some how connected to moments in time. Emotions.

I am weary of some of the same old things on youtube, but if you search you will find others who are just who they are and are doing scrap art to suit themselves!!

I have always loved the vinatge and grunge and Tim Holtz!! I also love tons of scrap paper and all the products, but I also love the vinatge odd one of a kind things.

I also found a fabulous vintage ephrema store on line!! Hooooray!!! I just placed a large order and cannot wait to get the stuff. I have tons of it already, but it seemed fitting to order today cause of my new determination to just be who I am and create for myself.

To allow the ideas in my head to merge into projects and not try to keep scrapbooking seperate from my other creative passions.

So as of this post.....things change. I have thought of getting rid of all old posts...but haven't decided yet. It is a part of my journey. Good or is the road and struggle I went through...I have always been so insecure about posting any work, art or scrapping. I have posted tags done in a rush, posted old LO, posted unfinished card....all things that if rejected I can tell myself it doesn't matter cause my heart wasn't really in to them.

But it does matter....and now as of today, pics will be posted of what I have worked on that day...iunfinished, good bad, things I like, love and hate...

There are times I have done a collage and then tore it up and put it into other projects...LOL Love this in a way.

So to myself, Go boldly in the direction of your the life you have imagined. I am me, no one else. I do the best me I can. I can create what I want how I want. I do not need to be in a box!!

There! Done. No pics today. I spent the day shopping at my new favorite vintage store on line and did start a collage, also a LO of myself! First one ever!! They aren't done and I didn't even think to snap pics. Maybe I will later just to record the progress.

To you I say...don't buy the latest and greates...don't try to be like someone else! Scrap your way!! Create your way!! Use products you like, love!! Not what you see everyone use just cause everyone is using it!!

I am an artist, I create and document time and memories....I am good at being me!!

Just Melly

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