Monday, March 1, 2010

Napkin mini album

I am making a mini album using pretty paper napkins. The base is the dollar minis from Mike's. Then I have collected some pretty paper napkins from different places over the last few months. I applied the napkin with gloss medium. Using it under and on top of the napkin. Let it dry for an hour and then trimmed and sanded.

Because the chip board used in these type of mini albums isn't super heavy the medium makes it soft at first but as it dries it gets hard. It also adds the extra protection the napkin needs. It sanded really nice. This is the cover of the mini.

I still have 4 other minis going in different stages. LOL! But just had to use this sunflower today.

Do you evre do that? See paper or an embellishment that just grabs you but just won't fit into any project that is in progress. So off you go to start yet another project, :)

It is part of what I adore about this passion. The ability to flow with the mood, weather, happenings. I love to allow things to take the lead.

Today it was the weather. After many many days of rain, today was sunny for the most part. I threw open all doors and sliders and did all the Monday laundry. So downy filled the house. As I walked to our mailbox I noticed all the neighbors yards had flowers blooming. The first touch of spring!!

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  1. You did laundry too? You must be feeling good today! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I added the name to the list.
    Your mini album is going to be cute! What do you do with them after you've created them?