Saturday, March 27, 2010

Work In Progress

Picture of my beautiful daughter who I miss so much!!

Yeah thats what I feel right now....I am a work in progress. We all are really.

For me tho, I am seeing a change come about. The direction my crafting and or art is going. In some ways it is back to my roots, the place I started but in other large ways, it is on to new things. Using old and new products.

I am really liking this place, of....growth? I guess thats what it is.

I haven't blogged in a while. I had too much going on with the business and also, well I had to do some stepping out/back/around, LOL.

I did a sort of soul search. I knew I had gotten off track in my artful journey. I had found myself sitting on the side lines and comparing myself to others. I had gotten into a rut. Too many youtube videos was the beginning. I DO NOT mean the youtube videos that show you projects or instructions. I am talking about the videos that focus on buying. I had gotten too caught up in that while I was sick and having 4 surgeries over last summer. I started spending more time looking around at products on line then just creating and playing and scrapping and you know...crafting!! So first thing I did.....stop watching youtube haul videos!!

Then second....there are just a couple youtubers that seem to me to come off a little to say it,....liking themselves and what they do a little too much. Now go ahead...hit me, its how I feel. I do not like it when someone says..."I want to just SHARE this with you"....but it just feels like....I want to show off and have you tell me how great I am. I am is just how I see it.

NOW let me say there are tons of fantastic ladies on youtube!! 99.9% of the gals on youtube are not like this!! I sub to so many awesome talented ladies and look forward to the projects they create! I get inspired and encouraged by them.When they teach how they created something, you know its from the heart!! So don't go getting all upset thinking I mean everyone...or most, or something else silly!

So I have just stopped watching a couple people. Don't bother guessing who it is either! You may not even have heard of them anyway!

I would just get to feeling too insecure or I would just end up trying to re create something that I saw, but honestly, I didn't really want to. It was weird. Prob just me, I can be strange this way, LOL!

So I am on a complete inspiration only diet!

This week has been billing for the business so not much creating going on this week, but it has been great all the same. The time to reflect and re think my goals and directions.

But I am happily gearing up for creating!! I have ordered all the new cricut cartridges...crazy I know, but I had stopped buying things for a couple weeks waiting for this time.

I have plans not just for 12 x 12 LO, but all so for some mixed media using many images I have seen on the cartridges.

I think we all get off track at times. Fades come along and products are released that look so exciting that we may jump on bandwagons that do not keep us on the crafting creating road that is the most fullfilling. So I say...BE YOU!!!

Get off the fade wagon, don't follow be yourself. Create from the eye you have!! The heart that leads you!!

Have a great Saturday!!

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