Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Count it all JOY

A few weeks ago here in California, we had some very heavy crazy storms. For the whole week! Winds up to 90 miles an hour and rain blowing. My dear husband spends the day outside and he said he couldn't even see many times. The wind was blowing the rain so hard into his face and eyes. Plus the sound of huge tree branches breaking and falling kept him nervous and distracted. Some trees were even uprooted. Being self employed means you work no matter the weather.

I know here in our backyard we had a number of things turn over and fall. Even the spa cover was blown off. Now let me tell you, this cover is huge!! It must weigh 70 pounds easy! But it was blown right off. The spa has a lattice enclosure too so there was some type of wind break but this wind was merciless.

Then on Friday, after the whole week of storms and damage and discomfort, this amazing double rainbow appeared. It was 4 in the afternoon. Rain water still dripping from the eves and trees. The glorious sun broke through for a few minutes and everything sparkled as if sprinkiled by fairy dust, or Glimmer Mist, LOL. Just beautiful!

We were on our back patio. Where you find us each and every afternoon/evening. Discussing the days events and business matters.

Well Alex looked up and said, look at that!! The Rainbow! We even stood up and walked closer to the fence, as if somehow we could get closer to the magic and beauty. Just in awe of the beauty that the storm had left behind.

It was a sign to me. It spoke of beauty in the midst of storms. Of hope, of peace, of clearing skies. It spoke of the extrodinary in the ordinary!!

This picture doesn't do this rainbow justice. You can hardly see the second one. The colors were bright and pure. The earth around us sparkled as the sun danced on the droplets of rain water.

It was magic!

There is fantasic things to behold all around us. My life is ordinary!! Way ordinary! But I can still live extrodinary!

So can you!

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