Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Stacks of Goodness


Well I went to Mikes on Friday evening. I had not been to my mikes in at least 6 months. First off, I don't drive due to my MS. It is just not comfortable for me. Second and most important reson, my mikes was horrible!!

It had a very small selection of scrap items. They had stickers, boy did they have stickers! LOL!!

But as for any variety in any other area. Nope. A couple of Tim Holtz items, a small section of paper but no stacks. No chipboard get the idea I'm sure.

Well Friday my dear hubby needed to go get new boots for work. So I asked if he would drop me off at Mikes. After watching many haul videos on youtube ( I have a love hate relayionship with those videos, LOL) I really wanted to see if my mikes MAYBE had any of the mini chipboard albums. I mean a buck, wow!!

So thats why I went and gave it another chance.....

I was so excited to see that my mikes is now a real craft store! I could not believe it! I was in heaven! So I did some shopping. I found some paper stacks I had never seen before and boy they are gorgous!! I will share a few this week in each post.

So paper pad one

It is by Making Memories. Its so pretty. Very delicate and oh so english garden, just like it's name. If you want some pictures of the papers just let me know and I'll post some pics of them.

Next paper pad

This one is to die for! It is very meriposa in a way. But much more vintage feel to it. It is one of my favorites. I am already starting a project for my daughter with it. But I will upload some of the papers tomorrow. Just so beautiful!

I got a couple other stacks I will post tomorrow. Very vintage. Glittery. Oh yeah some of the pages in the above pads have glitter and or flocking.

Dinner done. Yes!! We recorded the super bowl. Alex had been working on refinishing a beautiful park bench today. So when he got done he decided to take a nap. So I had already set the recording of the game up. So we are going to be watching the game now. Shhhhh, don't tell me who won! LOL

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