Friday, February 5, 2010

Tim Holtz Interveiw

Hey, Just wanted to let everybody know that custom crops has a great video on youtube. It's two parts and it is a fantastic converstaion with Tim Holtz! It is really good. He talks about how he got into art and crafting. He shows his products too, but if your like me you have seen all those already! LOL

This is a must see video. Just search Custom Crops on Youtube. You will find it.

It is super nice to see Tim in this video. Hearing his story and a little history. Love it!!

Hope your day is going great and I'll talk to you later. I am organizing my and hate it, LOL.

I have just gotten too many new products in the last few weeks that I had to get it set up better. Plus being the Youtube addict I am, I have found some great organing ideas from some of you fab ladies!!

Thanks so much!!!

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