Monday, February 22, 2010

New BBQ for my sweetheart

So Alex, my hubby, has a birthday fast approaching. This past weekend I was trying to figure out what to give him. I knew he had talked about getting a new BBQ grill. He had seen this fancy one somewhere.

Well I asked him if he still wanted the BBQ. He said he did but it was too expensive. I reminded him that we use to BBQ every weekend until our 12 year old grill just started to not work right. It would stay lite, we had replaced the regulator at least 4 times.

My hubby loves to BBQ. It has always been a main focal of sat. for us. We BBQ and watch a movie or two. Now with Shanon moved out it became even more of an event to us. Everything seems to have a new intensity honestly, but thats a nother story....:)

Well I convinced him to go look again at BBQ cause I missed this part of our weekend evenings. Plus I reminded him his birthday was just a week or 2 away and this would be a great gift!!

So off he went...I staied home cause I still had our 3 macaw cages to clean and then shower and dress. Due to my MS I really have to pace myself to get the most out of any day, but I am really careful on weekends. I hate to end up in agony with pain and pain from muscle spasms and cramps that curl my hands and feet.

Well the one he had loved was gone!! Now he really wanted it!! off on the hunt for the perfect grill. He finally found one that he loved. He said better then the original one he saw. Its smaller and better color. Goes better with whole patio colors ect. But it was more, go figure!! LOL

Either way, we are back to our BBQ sat.!!

Happy Birthday baby!! You deserve it!

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